After wearing our pads, you can walk with pain-free in any shoes all day long!

Efficient pain-relief for walking all day long

Imagine when you feel really painful in your foot after a long time walking or standing because you are working, shopping or traveling, it does hurt and impact your daily life, isn't it? Are you hoping one day you could decrease the impact of it?

Made of high quality, and extremely soft material, Ms.Honeycomb™ is efficient to solve your problem, providing you with all day long pain relief, helping you relieve from Metatarsalgia, Morton neuroma, Plantar fasciitis and so on. You could possibly go shopping for 8 hours in high heels without feeling any pain in your forefoot!

Wear whatever shoes you like without worry from now on

Have you ever felt awful on your forefoot after wearing boots? Or do you have to stay away from some beautiful shoes such as 10cm high heels which would make you more charming just because it might get you painful? 

Ms.Honeycomb™ is perfect for all kinds of shoes and versatile using conditions. Designed to be wore instead of sticking into shoes, you can easily use it inside socks, high heels, tennis shoes, boots and other daily footwear, you don't need to worry about what to wear or whether you can wear any more! You could be the most beautiful lady in the street painlessly with the help of our pads!

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fits middle-aged and elderly perfectly

As age grows, the foot tends to get painful easier. It gradually becomes difficult to walk further, stand longer. We've seen many middle-aged and elderly having difficulty in walking because of their forefoot pain. That's why Ms.Honeycomb™ not only designs the pads for the youngsters, but also for the elders. Our customers have proven that these pads can help middle-aged and elderly to live their lives easier and happier. We want you to walk as easily as if you were still at your younger age.

Product features

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It could be the best forefoot pads you've ever used

You might have used other pads before which might stick to the shoes, hard to clean and easily get dirty and unhygienic, feeling really awful.

The Ms.Honeycomb™ foot pads is totally a different kind.

✔️You would wear it instead of sticking it to the shoes, great saving and convenience.
✔️You can find it very clean even after a long time using because it doesn't absorb odor, dirt or sweat and thus easy to clean with water.
✔️Best of all, they won’t stink up even after a long day on your feet since they are so breathable with those honeycomb air holes.

The Ms.Honeycomb™ Pads have helped more than 50,000 customers gain pain relief.

What do they say about Ms.Honeycomb™ Pads?

I'm a walker and when my metatarsal started hurting me, I had to do something, I ordered these pads from Ms.Honeycomb™ and it was the best thing I ever did for my feet! they help so much and the best part is, I can't even feel them on my feet!!! I love them


I love that the quality is so nice. The material makes it so soft and you wouldn’t even feel it’s there. I’m thinking why didn’t I get this long time ago?! I’ve killed my feet on so many occasions by wearing heels without this!


I am so glad I gave them a shot and don't hesitate too much. They are easy to slip on and are very comfortable and made from a soft but durable material. They have a suitable thickness so I don't feel too bulky or uncomfortable in the shoes while also relieving my foot pain. Thank you!


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Ms.Honeycomb™ Immediate Pain Relief Forefoot Pads
Ms.Honeycomb™ Immediate Pain Relief Forefoot Pads
Ms.Honeycomb™ Immediate Pain Relief Forefoot Pads
Ms.Honeycomb™ Immediate Pain Relief Forefoot Pads
Ms.Honeycomb™ Immediate Pain Relief Forefoot Pads
Ms.Honeycomb™ Immediate Pain Relief Forefoot Pads
Ms.Honeycomb™ Immediate Pain Relief Forefoot Pads

Ms.Honeycomb™ Immediate Pain Relief Forefoot Pads

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Question: What if the pads don't relieve my pain?

Answer: Our Pads have been proven to be suitable for more than 99% of our customers, so we are confident that it will also work for you. And we offer full refund for dissatisfaction, so you won't need to worry.

Question: How long does it take to arrive?

Answer: The package arrives in 7-13 days on average. The specific time depends on the exact country you are in. After the package being sent out, we would mail you with the logistics number, and we would keep tracking and mailing you the latest logistics information, meanwhile you can also track orders on our website.

Question: What if the pads arrive broken?

Answer: We use one of the best logistic company to fulfill every order, the package would be kept carefully. If anything wrong happened, just feel relaxed to contact us and we would refund for you.

Question: What's the color?

Answer: Skin color and white color. Two options so that you can choose the one that fits your skin best.

Question: What size should I wear?

Answer: Ms.Honeycomb™ has only one size and one size fits all. Our pads are so elastic that it can fit all foot size with one pad size.

Question: Can men wear it too?

Answer: Yes! Our pads work for both women and men.

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